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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we began with more than two dozen people out of homes after a fire tore through an apartment building overnight. flames broke out in the 11,400 block of december way in white oak. more than two firefighters also injured. philips board is on the scene but the very latest. >> good afternoon. the damages at the apartments is estimated at $1 million, but those firefighters are going to
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be fine and everyone who lives in that apartment complex got out without any injuries, not even minor injuries reported, and certainly that is something no one can put a value on. >> being out of there and alive, that is my main concern. >> she is counting her blessings this afternoon, one of 28 people lost homes and an early-morning fire in white oak. the flames broke out a little after midnight. >> in our house, it caught fire and with the blinds and the windows -- we thought our apartment would catch on fire. >> and all eight apartments were damaged. witnesses say it started in the top floor kitchen stove and it was the woman who live there who first alerted neighbors. >> the lady who had the fire, she came down after she had pulled the fire alarm. she came down knocking on every door. >> terrified neighbors gathered outside as some 85 ferric -- firefighters spent nearly an hour getting the blaze under
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control. >> the whole kitchen, and fire and then it spread to the living room and then a blow up and got worse. >> two firefighters were hurt, one seriously. this afternoon both are expected to be ok. meantime, some residents will be placed in new apartments thereby by the end of the day. all the rest will be in new homes tomorrow. >> it is incredibly unusual, and it helps us because it means these people will not have to live in a shelter. because i would rather not live in a shelter and i don't think they would, either. >> right now firefighters are just telling what -- finishing up where they are going door-to- door and getting out safety information and also offering to check the smoke detectors in the apartment complex. certainly they want to prevent anything like this from happening again in the future. abc 7 is. >> smoke detectors always important. lightning from strong thunderstorms overnight also blamed for several house fires in loudon county.
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in just a matter of moments, two homes in ashburn and sterling caught fire. at home and what goes court, the fire did about $40,000 worth of damage and no reports of injuries. some colder weather is pushing our way this afternoon. we are keeping our eye out for storms. adam caskey is tracking all of that spirit >> a good mid-day to you and all of you joining us from home or work. we have a cold front that is just on our doorstep. we had a wind shift early this morning. now the second cold front is on its heels moving into western maryland and virginia. a few showers, broken light rain. i am expecting this to head into the metro area this afternoon causing more scattered showers and thunderstorms. scattered storms possible and made a brief strong storm in the mid-to late afternoon. then the skies would clear up closer to dinner and did time tonight. breezy with the funds coming
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into town. gusting about 30 miles an hour at times. ushering in colder air. 70's locally. it down into the 40's tomorrow morning. more cold weather snap coming up. following breaking news. a two people are dead after a fire erupted on a cruise ship off the coast of norway. fire officials believe an explosion in the engine room triggered the fire while the ship was at sea. you can see the thick smoke coming from the vessel. two crew members were killed and nine others hurt. all 207 passengers made it off the ship safely. while the fire is under control the ship is taking in water. seven is on your side with major changes to a major restaurant. several big chains are signing on with first lady michelle obama's campaign against obesity. she is in maryland for the big announcement and so is jummy olabanji who has more from hyattsville.
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>> michelle obama is inside this all of a garden in hyattsville right behind me. we have live pictures to show our viewers what is going on outside as she is speaking to dozens of families. some of the things she is talking about that you see in this video she is talking about the fact that one out of three children in america are either obese or overweight. it also talking about the fact that families in the u.s. eat one out of three meals in restaurants. she has been urging the industry to change their menus to make it healthier. now, once in a restaurant is taking action. energized by the first lady's commitment to reduce childhood obesity, the company that owns restaurant chains including red lobster and olive garden announced they are trimming calories and sodium from the menu. >> i think it is a great step forward for the industry and the company and we are thrilled by first lady is joining us. >> after the announcement, mrs.
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obama will speak to several local families about the importance of healthy living. >> we would you guys to grow up strong, and we want you guys to grow up healthy, because the truth is that you can be smart, you can be funny but if you are not in good health, it is going to be a hard road. >> with the way kids are going we need all the help we can get. >> fletcher owns the barbershops across the street from the olive garden. he and his family dined there often and he is happy the food chains are willing to make more changes. >> we need more help your choices, look around this. >> the restaurants plan to add new menu items and revamp of the ones. they say the children's menu will change almost immediately while the full one will change in the coming months. >> we think the idea of offering more help the options on our menu, while preserving the things they love, is really the right way to go. >> one of the many options is changing in a restaurant here and also red lobster.
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now when you order a kid's menu it will not automatically, with the side of french fries and soda now i their fruit and vegetables -- fruit or vegetables and 1% milk. after more than five years the massive move for pentagon employees has arrived and so far it has not affected traffic. 35,000 defense workers are busy moving into the marc center of 395. aaa warned commuters to be prepared but the changes -- small changes seemed to ease the gridlock. 82,000 additional people will be relocated to the metro area by 2015. the september 11 anniversary has come and gone but the terror threat remains. d.c. police chief says police are still on alert, working 12 hour shifts, trying to maintain safety. officers are manning bridges across the region. meantime, the fbi continues to
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investigate a tip that al qaeda may be planning an attack starting d.c. or new york. now to iran as questions swirl as to whether two americans will or will not be set free. they are locked in a power struggle between iran's president and the judiciary. pamela brown as following the latest. she is live in our satellite center. good afternoon. >> the bottom line is that the two hikers have not been freed and their release remains a very delicate and precarious situation in iran. the government -- negotiations are held up to bring josh fattal and shane bauer to their freedom. is similar gesture was given to the third hiker when she was a lease the release last whatever. this follows an interview ahmadinejad gave when he said the two would be freed as soon as a humanitarian gesture. but iran's judiciary system is
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saying, not so fast. a spokesperson says it is only considering the $1 million bail request and that a judge is still reviewing the hiker's appeal. they were recently convicted of espionage and illegal entry and sentenced to eight years in prison. a spokesperson says no other source has the authority to provide news of their case. the conflicting statements shows the long-simmering rift in iran's governments whereby the clerics and not the president presides over the courts. their attorney says the file the necessary paperwork for the release on bail but does not expect the judge to make a decision before saturday. that is the latest. back to you. >> we will continue to follow that. in maryland, police are searching for two men who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl, and it all happened in broad daylight. tuesday afternoon along aberdeen dried in croft and, the victim was walking her dog when she said two men approached an
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assault better. the men left in the older model four-door vehicle with faded red paint and police released composite spec -- sketches of the suspects, described as two white male in the early 20's. the stagnant economy is showing little sign of progress. the number of homes receiving an initial default notice jumped 33% from july. that increase is the biggest gain in four years and the highest after steady declines over the past nine months. the nation's jobless rate -- 11,000 people applied for unemployment last week, the highest in three months. >> you think it is time to pass a jobs bill that would put millions of americans back to work? call on congress to do the right thing. >> the struggling economy has taken center stage in the presidential election. last week president obama announced his jobs plan to
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congress and today house speaker john boehner is opening his own -- unveiling his own jobs plan. president obama is honoring a hero in the white house this afternoon. former corporal dakota meyer, the first living marine it from the wars of iraq and afghanistan to the middle of honor. he saved 36 from an ambush in afghanistan by driving a humvee through insurgent fire on five trips. four of his friends died in that they did last night he met privately and had a beer and the white house patio with president obama. coming up the battle over a children's fruit juice. why claims of poison set up a big fight on the air this morning. in abortion clinics safer and putting them out of business? new regulations could become law today. on the border, and crossing collapse crushes cars.
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a lot that a >> we've got a flood. could be a dishwasher, a water heater. all i know is that we've got a floor in this is where the rubber hits the road, the nose breaks the grindstone, and the angels start second guessing where they tread.
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>> controversy pharma over a favor kids use but is there really poisoned in apple juice
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or is it all this fear mongering? >> it began with a wednesday's dr. oz show claiming apple juice contains dangerous levels of arsenic. >> some of the best known brands in america have our second their apple juice. >> parents in the studio audience were frightened and upset. >> completely shocked. >> this is ridiculous. >> there are two forms of arson -- organic and inorganic. the inorganic is proven harmful while the other it is considered safe. the kind and apple juice is the organic varieties. the show did not test for both individual become a critical point. >> organic our senate is not toxic and, and foods. inorganic is toxic. we do not know from the samples which it was. >> the abc news medical editor confronted dr. oz on "good morning america".
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>> it reminds me of yelling fire in a movie theater. >> i am not fear mongering. we did our homework. we spent a lot of time making sure we got the numbers right. >> how could you go on the air and publish our senate results without breaking it down into total -- inorganic? >> we look at the total arsenic levels because that is what the fda looks at and the epa initially did your assumption that organic arsenic is saved is not true. >> they sent a letter to the show five days before the program, warning them it would be misleading and irresponsible to air it. abc news, new york. >> take a look at this. a lanes are reopening at a border crossing in the san ysidro california. yesterday a can of the collapsed, creating havoc at the world's busiest land crossing. it fell on more than a dozen cars and injured 11 people. investigators are looking into what might have caused that collapse.
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now we want to take a look at the weather. it looks nice out today but we are moving toward the ball. >> enjoyed the last few hours of the nice temperatures -- at least some will consider them nice compared to what is coming up. i am looking forward to the cooler weather coming our way. let's start with the local numbers and the temperatures. 78. it is a pleasant september afternoon. 70 at the dulles airport -- look how the temperatures drop off the further west you go. 63 in cumberlands. and you know -- unnoticed and the discontinued to plummet nw. minneapolis, 51. minneapolis actually tied a record low of 36. way up north, northern minnesota, this tells you how cold and unseasonably cold this air mass is. in international falls minnesota, along the border with canada that was a record low.
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not only that, it was the first time in that weather station's history that it went down into the teens in the month of september. so, very cold air in place especially across the upper midwest. for us, we will see these 50's continue to push into the region, but the air modifies a little bit as it moves further south into the washington area. it warms up. not talking 20's, not talking teens, not really '30's. by tomorrow morning we will widespread the and the 40's. the last time we did that was in early may at right in action. we think it will be about 51 by tomorrow morning. here is the satellite radar. not much of rain along the frontal boundary but as it moves into the metro area more unstable air, i think it will fire off a bang some areas of thunderstorms and maybe a brief strong storm later this afternoon and into the early evening. by 11:00 p.m., clearing up.
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temperatures quickly dropping. once the wind picks up, that will be the indicator called air is moving in. by tomorrow morning lower 40's of the potomac highlands. tomorrow i do not think we will hit 70 degrees across our viewing area. a sneak peak of the weekend indicates over all a fair amount of cloud cover. cool crisp, fall-like weather. >> we can handle the temperatures. at least we don't live in minnesota. thank you. schools in the district will soon be the first in the nation to conduct sex education standardized testing. "the washington post" reports starting this spring, fifth eighth, and 10th graders will be given a 50-question exam that will measure about what students know about human such quality, contraception, and drug use. the virginia board of health will vote today on abortion regulation. but assembly passed a bill requiring clinics that perform
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at least five first-trimester abortions per month to bit -- the regular like hospitals, and that means keeping certain equipment and supplies. proponents say the regulations will protect women's health. opponents say it will put many clinics out of business. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- >> a place where somebody is holding her. >> more drama in the salahi family. a frantic call to police and what really happened to michaele salahi. and anderson's premiere week continues what sarah jessica
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>> real housewives star and accused white house party crasher is getting a lot of attention yet again. yesterday tareq salahi told police that he believed his wife michaela had been abducted. tareq said he had not seen her 24 hours and receive a strange call from oregon cellphone number and a short time later police painted a very different picture. >> trapped in a place where somebody is holding a bird -- >> after midnight or early this morning my deputy spoke to her and she was fine. >> celebrity news site tmz reports she is with her ex boyfriend, journey guitarist.
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>> reminder about abc 7's latest facebook give away. you could win a $700 gift card for safeway, part of the great grocery giveaway. enter on debbie -- /facebook and the winner will be announced tomorrow at abc 7 news at 5:00. it didn't occur -- final look at the weather. >> called for removing a town get ready.
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like a knot. from the 70's into the mid-to upper 60's tomorrow afternoon. into the weekend, it will warm up a few degrees but still rather fall-like. >> thank you for joining u the next
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